Overtaking ability

Note on the overtaking capability of engines

Please note that we are dealing with engines in exchange. i.e. we will install an overhauled engine for you, and we will keep your old part in exchange. If your old engine cannot be overhauled, we have to charge a surcharge. This surcharge depends on the respective engine. The prices can be found with the respective engines. We would also be happy to make you an offer. We also list any additional costs here.

Engines are not rebuildable if they are cracked, broken, or the valves are ripped off. Engines that have been assembled from defective parts are also classified as not capable of being overhauled.

As a rule, engines that are still running but suffer from high oil consumption or where the compression is too low can still be overhauled.

We check your engine when we have removed it and inform you if it cannot be overhauled. When shipping engines, we create a report with pictures of the damage for engines that cannot be overhauled.

However, we can only make a 100% statement whether an engine can be overtaken or not once we have opened the engine. Only then will the damage become apparent.