Air conditioning service


Is the interior of your vehicle too hot or too cold?

Then it may be because there is not enough refrigerant left. An air conditioning service can quickly remedy the situation.

But why do you have to fill the air conditioning system at all? Surely nothing can get lost in a closed cycle? Most vehicles use the refrigerant R134a: This is a gas that evaporates through rubber hoses and seals. And that can account for up to 10% of the greenhouse gas per year. We therefore recommend a regular air conditioning service, during which the air conditioning system can be filled if necessary.

We will be happy to help you in our car workshop. We can carry out an air conditioning service on your vehicle quickly and inexpensively: We check the condition and quantity of the existing climate gas and fill the air conditioning system accordingly if necessary. Please make an appointment with us beforehand. For the air conditioning service you have to calculate about half an hour. Is your vehicle losing an excessive amount of refrigerant? Then we should definitely make an appointment to check for possible leaks.

Do you have questions about the air conditioning service? Then give us a call or alternatively send us a message.