MOTUL EVO transmission flush for automatic transmissions DSG, CVT

Motul EVO Getriebespülung

Has the shifting behavior of your DSG, CVT or automatic transmission deteriorated over time? In addition, the individual gears are extended too far, gear changes are inappropriate or the vehicle jerks, for example when parking or stopping at the intersection? Then a transmission flush can help your vehicle.

An automatic transmission is exposed to high loads even when driving normally. As a result, the oil takes on a very important role. It serves not only for lubrication but also for power transmission, and at the same time it supports the dissipation of thermal energy. For this task, gear oil is equipped with special additives, which are used up over time.

If the switch behavior deteriorates, the cause is usually dirt on the transmission and wear on the transmission oil. That's why a professional transmission service can help you effectively.

The increased shifting performance after flushing the transmission increases driving comfort and efficiency. Therefore, we recommend: Carry out a regular gear oil service - for optimal protection, a long service life and an improved driving experience!

So that you can continue driving comfortably, we offer you a MOTUL EVO transmission flush in our workshop. Our service includes:

- Connecting the device
- cleaning cycle
- Changing the hydraulic filter
- rinsing process
- Level control

Finally, we carry out a test drive with your vehicle. After that, inform us that the transmission flush has been completed. You have to plan about 3-4 hours for flushing the transmission.

The costs for flushing the gearbox depend on the oil requirement and the make. We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer. For this we need the vehicle identification number as well as the numbers from 2.1 and 2.2 of the vehicle registration document.