The Company

Your engine repairer

True to our motto: Repair instead of throwing away! our engine repairers work every day to make vehicles with engine damage roadworthy again. And that for more than 20 years now.

With the right know-how and committed colleagues, we work to ensure that your vehicle, which is otherwise in excellent condition, does not end up in the scrap press.

We provide you with overhauled engines for VW, Audi, Škoda and Seat as well as BMW, Mini and Ford. All of our replacement engines are only overhauled in-house by experienced engine repairers according to manufacturer specifications. Only spare parts from well-known brand manufacturers are used.

You can decide whether we install the replacement engine in our master car workshop or provide your car workshop with an engine and the installation takes place there.* Alternatively, your car workshop can also make your engine available to us, and we will overhaul it for you.

*) The motors are only sold directly to specialist workshops.

Why Wagner engines?

Many wonders why there are such serious price differences in overhauled engines on the Internet.

Where do the cheap prices come from?

One of the reasons for this is that these engines are not overhauled in Germany (this does not mean that all engines from abroad are bad!). Rather, it is the companies in Germany that use the fancy motor repairer name, but in reality these are trading companies. Some of these companies do not even have a permanent headquarters (letterbox companies). These trading companies buy the cheapest quality in order to still skim off the greatest possible profit from their low-price offers. Even for a poorly paid worker abroad, it is not possible to deliver quality work at these prices.

Poor quality engines

If you have these motors installed or install them yourself, you will not enjoy them for long. Normally, these engines do not run at all, or at best run a few kilometers. This is where the trouble starts for you. They are always accused of having made an installation error. With a bit of luck you will get another motor that is also of poor quality. These companies are playing for time. While you keep losing money and time for installation and failure. In addition, these structures are set up in such a way that you only get your rights with a lot of stubbornness.

We therefore recommend

Therefore, check the ratings of these engine repair companies beforehand and exchange ideas via forums. Don't make the mistake that others have made before you. You cannot legally put a stop to these companies, but you can clarify this situation.

We have placed our engines in a healthy middle range in terms of price. Since we have large quantities of spare parts, we have to e.g. For example, in the event of major damage, do not install a new, expensive original part or carry out a complex repair (e.g. seized bearing channel in the cylinder head or valve cover). These parts are then scrapped and others used that show no signs of damage. We have skilled workers for this. They measure the parts and inspect them. This is how we ensure that you receive a flawless product.

Our company

We are a craft business that is located in the middle of Germany and has its own master car workshop and experienced engine repairers. Our company is of course registered in the Chamber of Crafts. We are also a member of the Association of Engine Repairers (VMI) and train young people in the workshop and office sectors. You have questions for us? Then please contact us.