Your car has an engine failure?

    Are you looking for a reputable car repair shop for engine repairs?

    Then we can help you! We fix your engine damage so that you can continue driving again!

    Our offer for you:

    We will pick up your vehicle with engine damage anywhere in Germany and then install a completely overhauled exchange engine in our master vehicle workshop for engine repairs. We can provide you with replacement engines with many common engine codes from VW, Audi, Škoda and Seat. As well as a selection of remanufactured engines for FORD, BMW and Mini. All of our exchange engines are only overhauled in our workshop.

    But you only need the engine? Also, no problem! We ship the engines to auto repair shops in exchange for your old engine. Please note that the entire process must then be carried out by your vehicle workshop. Your workshop is also welcome to contact us directly. International shipping is also possible on request.

    Request your non-binding offer for engine repairs!

    Incidentally, the costs for engine repairs depend on the vehicle in question. So that we can make you a suitable offer, please also provide us with the vehicle identification number (VIN) of your vehicle with engine failure or tell us the engine code.

    Do you have further questions about replacement engines and engine repairs? We are happy to discuss this in a personal conversation on the phone +49 5664-9399817 or directly in our workshop. 

    What does engine repair mean?

    If your engine is dead, your car is far from being scrap press ready, because almost everything can be fixed! In the event of an engine failure, you don't have to have a brand-new engine installed. It is cheaper and more sustainable to install a refurbished exchange engine. We are a master car workshop specializing in engine repairs for VW AUDI SEAT, Škoda, FORD, BMW, MINI. In the event of engine failure, we will be happy to help you!

    If you have received the diagnosis "engine damage" from your workshop, you now have to ask yourself how to proceed with your vehicle.

    We also hone the liners or have them drilled to oversize. Some engines can also be fitted with new bushings. Depending on the engine and the level of overhaul, we also install new pistons or piston rings. We check the cylinder head for warpage and plan it again if necessary. We both inspect the valve guides and polish or replace the valves. Furthermore, these are ground in by us. The seals and timing chains will be renewed. For toothed belt motors, we are also happy to install a new toothed belt set on request and at an additional cost. All of our engines are only overhauled when ordered. We will be happy to inform you of our current delivery times in our offer.

    Quality assurance

    During the engine repair, the replacement engine goes through two quality checks with documentation and is only installed or shipped after approval. During the quality check, the cylinders are pressed off individually to check the compression. We also do a visual check to make sure that everything has been assembled correctly. Finally, the timing is checked again.

    Workshop of Confidence since 2020

    We are very pleased to have received the "Workshop of Trust" seal of approval from our customers for the third time in a row and would like to thank our customers very much for the great positive feedback.

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    Incidentally, you can get engine repairs from us with three options:

    Choose between an overhauled exchange engine to be sent to your workshop, an exchange engine with installation in our master car workshop, or the repair of your engine with installation in your car master workshop.

    We can provide you with reconditioned exchange engines for your vehicle, which are only overhauled in-house and not bought from dubious sources.

    Below are some of our current offers for you:

    Is your engine not included? You can also get many other exchange engines for your VW, AUDI, Škoda, SEAT, FORD, BMW and MINI from us. Just send us an inquiry: we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer for engine repairs.