Ford Ecoboost engine failure

The problem of the Ford 1.0 liter Ecoboost enginesFord Ecoboost Motorschaden

The 1.0 liter Ford EcoBoost engine has been installed in the Ford Fiesta or Focus since 2012, for example. This is a 3-cylinder engine. The EcoBoost engines are compact power packs that can easily keep up with larger engines in terms of performance and torque. Here, highly compressed air is pressed into the engine, which leads to an additional increase in performance.

Why does engine damage occur?

However, this compression very often leads to overloading of the motors. This can be attributed to the high temperatures that occur while driving. This increases the risk of small cracks in the cylinder head. Cooling water then escapes from these cracks. The result: Ford EcoBoost engine damage!

Another typical damage pattern on this engine is toothed belt damage. One reason for this can be the use of the wrong engine oil, since only specially approved engine oil may be used in this engine. In the EcoBoost engine, the toothed belt runs in the oil. For this reason, a special plasticizer is added to the engine oil. This prevents the toothed belt from hardening. The result: the toothed belt dries out and can tear, which can lead to engine damage.

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