General overhauled 1.4 TFSI CZD replacement engine

With us you get the 1.4 TFSI CZD exchange engine including installation in our master car workshop. We only overhaul the engines in-house according to the manufacturer's specifications.

We carry out the following work on the engine

In principle, we completely disassemble the engines, clean them and check all components for wear. We then replace all worn or damaged components without exception. The crank mechanism is then measured and the bearing shells renewed. In addition, the liners are honed or drilled to oversize, depending on the damage pattern. Depending on the level of overhaul, the replacement engine also receives new piston rings or new pistons.

In addition, we check the cylinder head for war page and plan it if necessary. We also check the valve guides. We machine the valves and valve seats accordingly or replace them with new ones and additionally grind them in. Furthermore, we also install new valve stem seals.

Extra cost

In addition, when installing the engine, there are costs for oil, oil filter and small parts as well as any additional work (e.g. damaged threads, engine bearings, additional work on axle parts, replacement of defective add-on parts, etc.). In many vehicles, we also have to drain the climate gas in order to be able to carry out the engine replacement. We then fill it up completely again. This can continue to result in costs for the shortage of gas.

For reasons of liability, we do not install any spare parts you have brought with you in our workshop.

We offer you the collection of your vehicle throughout Germany at favorable conditions.

Checking the injectors

With the 1.4 TFSI CZD replacement engine, we definitely recommend that you also have the injectors checked. Please note that we can only check and ultrasonically clean the injectors so that the spray pattern fits again. Unfortunately, we have no influence on whether the mechanics show a defect after a while.

Note on the old engine

Your 1.4 TFSI CZD exchange engine must be capable of being overhauled: This means that the cylinder head and engine block must not show any irreparable damage such as cracks or fractures. Furthermore, the valves must not be torn off. Your engine must also not be made up of defective parts. If your engine cannot be overhauled, we charge a surcharge for the additional effort. Please read our note on the overtaking ability.

We also offer the 1.4 TFSI CZD replacement engine for sale to garages. If you are interested, please contact us.

Do you still have questions about the 1.4 TFSI CZD replacement engine?

Do you have any questions about our 1.4 TFSI CZD exchange engine, or would you like an additional individual offer? Then send us a message using our contact form. Please always include your vehicle identification number in your message. You are also welcome to contact us by phone if you have any questions.